Open innovation and project management

Since 2017, we have joined forces with Prof. Giorgio Locatelli's research team to leverage our expertise on open innovation with Prof. Locatelli's leadership in project management and explore how the two research fields could intertwine. As a result, we started multiple research initiatives that resulted in some of the most impactful articles on the topic.

Team leaders

Marco Greco (Unicas), Giorgio Locatelli (University of Lincoln -> University of Leeds -> Politecnico di Milano)


Michele Grimaldi (Unicas), Benito Mignacca (Unicas)


Stefano Lisi (Unicas), Stefania Malizia (Unicas), Diletta Colette Invernizzi (Leeds), Tristano Sainati (Leeds), Mattia Serafini (Unicas)


Greco, M., Locatelli, G., & Lisi, S. (2017). Open innovation in the power & energy sector: Bringing together government policies, companies’ interests, and academic essence. Energy Policy, 104, 316-324. 

Locatelli, G., Mariani, G., Sainati, T., & Greco, M. (2017). Corruption in public projects and megaprojects: There is an elephant in the room!. International journal of project management, 35(3), 252-268. 

TOP CITED in the journal

Locatelli, G., Greco, M., Invernizzi, D. C., Grimaldi, M., & Malizia, S. (2021). What about the people? Micro-foundations of open innovation in megaprojects. International Journal of Project Management, 39(2), 115-127. 

FINALIST of the APM Project Management Research paper of the year 2022

Greco, M., Grimaldi, M., Locatelli, G., & Serafini, M. (2021). How does open innovation enhance productivity? An exploration in the construction ecosystem. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 168, 120740. 

Work in progress output

"Can you tell a good open innovation failure from a bad one?", under review in California Management Review

Greco, Marco; Mignacca, Benito; Grimaldi, Michele; Locatelli, Giorgio; Rogo, Francesco